You’ve got it all figured out – late nights, late morning, your Jack Russel snuggles next to you while your TV streams season 4 of Greys Anatomy. Your laptop right in front of you, a hot cup of coffee on your side pedestal, your productivity is going to soar so high your supervisor won’t believe it. Then comes day 4 – you can’t do it anymore; all you want to do is – nothing. You discover how difficult it is to work from home. How will you do it for 3 weeks?

Mother working from home with kids. Quarantine and closed school during coronavirus outbreak. Children make noise and disturb woman at work. Homeschooling and freelance job. Boy and girl playing.

This is a struggle many professionals have experienced. The idea of working from home (WFH) seems to be a glorified idea amongst millennials in the workplace. The convenience the concept offers many working individuals makes sense – the less time in traffic means more time on work. Not having to worry about makeup and outfit choices mean you can work comfortably and produce quality work. Having your pet next to you means you won’t experience as much stress as you usually do. But no one speaks about the idea of being forced to stay behind doors – in South Africa’s case, for 3 weeks. That means, no client meetings, no gym runs, no going out for a cup of coffee – your stuck behind the same walls every day. As a creative, this may impact your designs, articles, and ideas. As a business owner, this means you need to generate new ideas for your clients without even seeing them. How do you get this right without losing money while still retaining your credibility?

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of small changes you can make that will have a great impact on your WFH situation. As marketers, we know this struggle well and have thus decided to share our experience with you guys.


Working from your bed seems like a cool idea, but trust us, after the 4th day, you’re going to hate your bed. To avoid this, set up a workstation either in another part of your house or outside. If you’ve got a study table in your bedroom, that works as well if you’re not in bed. Make sure your station is close to a window and plug source, for fresh air and so you can charge your laptop and routers. Switch up your working station from time to time – this helps alleviate writers’ block and boredom.

Woman Working From Home Using Laptop On Dining Table


Make your WFH times set in stone. It becomes easy to work longer hours at home then when at the office. While this seems like a good thing, it can impact your productivity in the long run. Having set hours every day will help you get in the habit of working from home. This helps you plan out your day with a schedule that works and will help you get the work done. Remember, you still need to see your family and pets and rest – just make sure you do it outside of working hours.


Since you won’t be meeting your colleagues for the next 3 weeks, video calls will be the next great thing. There are plenty of video call services that are available – you just need to choose the one that works best for your team. These range from Skype for business, Loom, Google Teams, Loop Up, WhatsApp video calls, etc. Factors to consider are your price range and how many members make up your team. Getting a platform that allows team members to chat on regarding projects is also a necessity. We use Monday.Com in order to manage all our projects and keep each other updated with our progress.


We all know that one colleague who cannot work in silence. Or there may come a time when you miss the chitter-chatter that takes place in the office. If WFH becomes too quiet and boring for you, YouTube and Spotify have a great variety of Chill Music which has been specially curated to help you concentrate while drowning out the quietness around you. Perhaps you work best with something playing on the TV. In that case, there is no harm in watching the Titanic for the 9th time – the stimulation in the background gives the impression that you’re not alone, like when you’re in the office.


Don’t forget to engage in fun chats with your colleagues. Video chats don’t always have to be serious. Scheduling 30 minutes to laugh about how you stepped in your dog’s mess while running for the printing machine might just make someone else’s day. Laughter is the best medicine, and in these crucial times with COVID 19, we need all the laughter we can get.

Hachoo will be uploading videos and articles like these that are catered to help you with WFH and keeping clients and customers satisfied at the same time. Keep your eyes glued to our website and social media platforms for more announcements.



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