Everything and anything nowadays is being modified to better adapt to the busy schedule of millennials and Gen Z’s – because they spend so much time on their phones, especially in the evening, apps such as Twitter have introduced ‘Dark mode’ which gives them the option to swap out the blearing blue and white Twitter screen for a more serine black design. Facebook has followed suit – here’s to more sleepless nights for teenagers.

Facebook has announced its plan to start rolling out the feature. At present, the feature will only be available as a Chrome extension and will be offered to a few people as it’s still running its test phase. Hachoo was lucky enough to be selected – we received a notification from Facebook prompting us to activate the mode, and all we can say is wow – our eyes are thanking us already. At a later stage, the test will be introduced to Android and iOS users.

The modification is meant to help reduce the blue glare that strains eyes and reduces the ability to sleep. The light emitted from our cell phone and computer screens delay the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. This changes the body’s internal clock, making it difficult for us to fall asleep. Dark mode can also save your device’s battery as less power is required to power up your display. Facebook is also expected to change the viewing experience of images and videos on the app – and dark mode is just the first phase as it creates a clearer interface for media to appear on our screens.

Our thoughts? It looks great, but the updates that come with it are more like glitches. Since this is still the testing phase, we’ll be patient with the changes, but we must note that the layout of desktop Facebook changes, and you might have problems when trying to post directly on the app. This will have you switching between normal and dark mode – until you familiarise yourself with the new interface. While we’re still waiting for Whatsapp to roll out its dark mode, we’ve already activated it on our Twitter and Facebook. Keeping up with the industry innovations is what we strive for as we are well garnered in our social media knowledge

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